Adapter for the Hasselblad 500 series

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3D printed low profile adapter for the Hasselblad 500 series. 

PLEASE NOTE: A new version of this adapter that accommodates variants of the 500 series with various obstructions near the accessory rail is available here. 

Important: note that this adapter is solely optimized for the Lime Two light meter. The Lime One or others will not fit securely because the attachment point is on the non standard part of the foot mount.

Can be used using just the snap fit of the shoe of the Lime Two, but is also possible to screw in using the screws of the foot mount.

Lens/hood sensor obstruction: On the displayed 80mm lens mounting the lens hood adds ~1/6th of a stop of over exposure, too little to justify any compensation, but on other lenses like the wide angle ones this may vary. When mounting the lens comparing the measurement with or without the lens attached shows if exposure compensation needs to be added.

The 3D model file is also available for free at Thingiverse